Rachid Badouri


In 2005, Rachid Badouri created a shock wave in the Just For Laughs Galas, which won him the revelation of this festival.

In 2006, he was named Discovery of the Year at the Oliviers. ("Les Oliviers": Gala Award for Quebec Comedians)

In 2007, son firstone-man show, "Stop Your Cinema" was born. Il has 420 performances,has 325,000 tickets sold, 6 nominations at theQuebec's comic award showand iscertified Triple Platinum by L'ADISQ (Quebec Association of the Recording, Show and Video Industry). He was quickly inducted into the prestigious Jubilee Club for his 50 performances at the Théâtre St-Denis 1 and his 2,200-seat configuration.

Between 2005 and 2017, Rachid multiplies his appearances in the galas of the Just For Laughs Festival and comes morethan 5 times, as host of these galas.

In 2011, his first show Stop Your Cinema is exported and seduces all of Paris, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Morocco, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the United Arab Emirates and Haiti!

In 2013, Rachid devoted himself to writing his 2nd quebec one-man show, which was born in October in Montreal and entitled "Badouri Recharged". It makes more than 250,000 spectators laugh out of 299 performances across the Province of Quebec.

In 2015, the world-renowned festival, The Just For Laughs Festival,gave him a place of choice in the prestigious "The Ethnic Show"

In 2016,the Just For Laughs Festival, decided to trust him with the animation of the same "Ethnic Show".

In 2017, Just For Laughs Festival now offers him his first appearance in English in the festival's legendary televised galas at the Place des Arts. Rachid triumphs on this evening, inheriting the only standing ovation of the evening!

In 2018, Rachid is currently writing his third one man show for Quebec.

In 2019, Rachid is on the eve of its media premiere of its 3rd new one man show entitled "The Flowers of the Carpet", Rachid has just broken a new record of 70,000 tickets sold in less than 5 months.

In 2020, Rachid will tour throughout the Province Quebec with this 3rd show and more than 150 dates have already been confirmed. This 3rd show will be seen around the world in the fall of 2020.

... His adventure on stage continues in France and throughout the French-speaking world. At the moment, he is multiplying the back and forth between Quebec and the world, to conquer the international market. It now totals more than 870,000 tickets sold worldwide!

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