DJ Set - Killa Jewel

DJ Set

Killa Jewel


A 25-year veteran of the underground Hip-Hop scene and turntablist community, DJ Killa-Jewel has rocked the decks across Canada, the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia at some of the most prestigious clubs, concerts and festivals to date. Well-known for her collaboration with Thud Rumble’s DJ Q-Bert in his Do It Yourself Vol. 2 DVD, and trained in classical music, she spent years fusing Hip-Hop with the theatre milieu by composing “turntable music” live for theatrical productions, and touring extensively with Canadian actor and director Robert Lepage on his highly acclaimed productions Zulu Time (Co-produced by Peter Gabriel) and The Buskers Opera. She marries two different sonic worlds; one for the hardcore turntablist fans who enjoy a range of different scratch techniques, and the other for those whose ears are more attune to the time signature and electronically-synthesized sounds of modern-day trap music.

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